Friday, 10 March 2017

.NET Framework Version 4.6 Latest Version Download

Download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.62 Offline Installer For Windows. NET is a Microsoft web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software, making it easier for users to share and use their information between multiple websites, programs, and computers.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Norton Security 2017 Free Download
Get Norton Security 2017 for windows free full free offline installer. Norton Security - comprehensive antivirus, the new solution from Symantec for a comprehensive online help protect your computer, your important data and online activity. Combines 5 levels of security for reliable protection against all types of threats

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Free Full Offline Installer

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Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Free Offline Installer without any activation key. a comprehensive Kaspersky Anti-Virus for universal protection against all Internet threats. Includes control software, secure payments and new opportunities: the protection of the data collection and monitoring of changes in the operating system

Sunday, 12 February 2017

BlueStacks App Player For Windows Full Offline Installer

BlueStacks-App-Player-54545-HIt2k.jpg (1023×575)

BlueStacks App Player is a great tool for allowing you to run your favorite mobile apps/games in full screen in your browser using a PC or Mac.

The player essentially gives you a virtual Android smart phone on your desktop. Sign in with your regular Google account (or create a new one), browse the Play Store as usual, and download or play whatever you like on your desktop

Thursday, 20 August 2015

DirectX 11 Free Offline Installer For Windows

Microsoft DirectX is the graphics technology powering today’s most impressive games. The latest version, DirectX 11, enables the addition of advanced effects and features in NVIDIA-enhanced titles, ranging from tessellation and HBAO+, to Percentage Closer Soft Shadows and NVIDA HairWorks.
dx11.jpg (340×340)
Direct3D 11 is out and ready for use by your game today to exploit the latest in video hardware features as well as current generation machines. This talk brings you up to speed with the API, offers tips on how to get your renderer up and running, presents key feature overviews, and shows how to deploy your application. Attending this talk is highly recommended if you are attending other DirectX 11 presentations.

DirectX includes features:

  • detalization of pictures;
  • equalization of color images;
  • shades of objects are transmitted with high precision;
  • security and productivity;
  • improves quality of the video card on your PC.

To Download Direct X 11 Full Windows 7/8/10 Offline Installer :

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

ZoneAlarm Pro AntiVirus & Firewall 2016 Full Offline Installer

354375-zonealarm-pro-antivirus-firewall-2015.jpg (804×522)
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a free software that blocks hackers and prevents viruses and spyware fromstealing your personal data and sending it out to the Internet. Also, works great with any antivirus software. Protect yourself with the best multi-layered firewall technology around. ZoneAlarm keeps intruders out, protects your PC to the core and makes you invisible to hackers. It also destroys spyware, secures your privacy and provides real world services that monitor and repair all suspicious activity linked to your identity. Unlike other personal firewalls, ZoneAlarm protects automatically from the moment it`s installed – no programming required.ZoneAlarm Free Firewall barricades your PC with immediate and complete port blocking.
Over all, ZoneAlarm Pro AntiVirus & Firewall 2016 does everything a free firewall should, and includes a number of bonus features that are relevant to security. You may use it along with some free antivirus for maximum protection and performance. Be advised that if you are running internet security software there is no need to install a third-party firewall software as internet security software come with their own firewall program.

To Download ZoneAlarm Pro AntiVirus & Firewall 2016 Full Windows 7/8/10 Offline Installer :

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mozilla Firefox 40 Full Free Offline Installer Download

Mozilla+Firefox.jpg (1280×1024)
Download Free Standalone Installer For Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 which works well on windows 10, The browser you need for daily actives with very fast browsing response and using not too much of the system resources
Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser that offers many advantages over other web browsers. This award-winning, open source web browser is packed with advanced security features designed to help you stay safe, and in control, online. The optimized Firefox 35 lets you view Web pages way faster, using tabbed browsing, the ability to block pop-up windows and less of your computer’s memory. Also it allows you to synchronize your browsing across multiple devices. Access your bookmarks, history, passwords and more from any device to make Firefox your own wherever you use it. Mozila Firefox 40.0.2 has the biggest number of ways to customize your online experience specifically for the way you use the web.
The Awesome Bar learns as you browse to make your version of Firefox unique. Find your bookmarks, history and tabs when you type in the address bar.
If you enjoy games, you can now play some of your favorites right on the Web without sacrificing speed or overall performance. Firefox is leading the charge in online gaming as part of our efforts to make every aspect of your browsing experience faster.
Firefox was named the ”speed king” in independent benchmark and performance tests against other browsers. Save time and do just about anything quicker than before.

Now you don't need to get installer and then download and slow speeds, we bring the the ultimate Mozilla Firefox 40.0 with offline installer.

To Download Mozilla Firefox 40.0.2 Full Windows 7/8/10 Offline Installer :

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